I love my cats

Dress .Atomic. {Hi - Lo Light}@Uber NEW!
Shoes *katat0nik* Ballet Slippers @Creation JP NEW!
Skin [ MUDSKIN ]_Juicy Bell ~ BerryBerry Flavor_Pinky Pale  @Uber NEW!
Candy Fair open  3th July.Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Reiko Mesh Hair - Browns Pack
Pose {Imeka} Aurora @Kustom9 NEW!

 Cat*tentacio* My life with a cat The Kawaii Project
Ariskea [ Porcelain]  The Arcade Gacha NEW!
*Tentacio* My workspace Shiny Shabby NEW!


Look 1
Top [monso] My Halter Top - Skull 2 @Creation JP NEW!
Skirts *Cila*Sweet candy Candy Fair NEW!
Shoes *(OO)*YUKI_Puppy @The Chapter Four NEW!
Bracelet ALTAIR* bell @ ORIGAMI NEW!

Look 2
Dress ::C'est la vie !:: Sibyl(pure)Shiny Shabby NEW!
Shoes Hairband *(OO)*YUKI_Flower Sandal Gacha @Kustom9 NEW!
Skin [PXL] Violet PA ~Candy Fair NEW!
Bracelet *katat0nik* Maiu @ ORIGAMI NEW! Hunt Prize
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Rose Mesh Hair - Browns


<3 Allice Attis

Let's go to the beach?

Outfit GizzA Leslie Short Set [Vintage Denim]NEW!
Shoes *(OO)*YUKI_H&M  @The Chapter Four NEW!
Hair Beusy/BUC: Bluprnt@Kustom9 NEW!
Eyes {S0NG} :: Bio~ Aqua Eye@Kustom9 NEW!
Necklace Amala - The Crystal Chokers@Kustom9 NEW!
Skin (*ANGELICA) HYERI The Kawaii Project NEW!Necklace Amala - The Charm Chokers@Kustom9 NEW!
Bracelet ieQED brisa.bracelet.all@Kustom9 NEW!
Fox +Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox Gacha @Kustom9 NEW!

Sexy girl

Corset -Pixicat- Temptation.Corset - Pink nr.1 )The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Hair pr!tty - Loraine - {Browns A+B} SUPER RARE@The Chapter Four NEW!
Skin  ^^Swallow^^ Roberta Fatpack TMP Head Female NEW!
Lips ^^Swallow^^  Lipstick Elegant - Applier TMP NEW!
Accessories Izzie's - Nidhi Jewelry All Colors  @Uber NEW!
Pose *PosESioN* Marylin @Kustom9 NEW!

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Boho Shack @ Shiny Shabby

I love gacha

Look 1
Outfit Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Hat Atomic. {Gacha} Critter Hoods - Cat (Blue)The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Hair [monso] My Hair - Choa /Brown@Fameshed NEW!
Skin  Enfant---Barbie1_C1(TMP) @The Chapter Four NEW!
.Atomic. {Gacha} Alpaca Pal - Cutie RARE The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Atomic. {Gacha} Alpaca Pal - Mint  The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Atomic. {Gacha} Alpaca Pal - Nerdy The Arcade Gacha NEW!

Look 2
Dress Tee*fy Sora @Kustom9 NEW!
Sandal *{ SeVered GarDeN }* DASHIA NEW!
Hair ASO!  Mizu NEW!
Headband  ASO Shizuku NEW!
Skin  [MUDSKIN]_Sweety Bell
ALTAIR* bunny magic! staff SUPER RARE NT @Ai Gacha NEW!


Dress  Apple May Designs - Bella Gown - White NEW!
Skin   Apple May Designs Lexi - Gothly *A*NEW!
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tori @ Shiny Shabby NEW!
Necklace Gizza - Paper Rose @One9 NEW!
Ring Izzie's - Stacked Gemstone Rings #1Dressing Room NEW!
Earring Pink Acid Original Mesh - Springs Last Daisy@One9 NEW!

Sport girls

Look 1
Shirt+Skirt [DAMI]boxyfit t-shirt+skirt GACHAThe Kawaii Project NEW!
Sneakers [VALE KOER] THE BEEZY@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^]  Alice hair-Fatpack
Socks   Izzie's Garter Socks Maytreia
Glasses Izzie's - Gentleman's  The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
Watch   Izzie's *resize* Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet blue NEW!
Necklace ink Acid Melting Heart Key Purple @IDK.The Moon NEW!

Look 2
{ V I N C U E } Roony+Short & Shirt ~ SkyN°21 NEW!
Sneakers *katat0nik* (blue bunny) Art Shoes RARE The Arcade event NEW!
Socks  Izzie's Tube Socks (White)Maytreia
Skin Applier  Enfant---Barbie1_C1(TMP) @The Chapter Four NEW!
Hair MINA - Guusje @Fameshed NEW!

Sweet Style

Look 1

Dress Hant { V I N C U E } Cheffy+Outfit - Mint The Kawaii Project NEW!
Sandal [monso] My Flower Sandal - Pink  @Uber NEW!
Skin [ MUDSKIN ]_Perfume @Kustom9 NEW!
Make-Up[ MUDSKIN ]_Blush1(50%)@Kustom9 NEW!
Make -Up [ MUDSKIN ]_Petite Mole_Right2 @Kustom9 NEW!
Hair pr!tty - Kimberly - .Color Hud Essentials. {A+B} :boxed: @The Chapter Four NEW!
Bag Tentaciodorayaki bag armThe Kawaii Project NEW!
Tentacio dorayaki chocoThe Kawaii Project NEW!
Pose  {Imeka} Danni @Kustom9 NEW!

Dress (fix)*katat0nik* Ice Cream  The Kawaii Project NEW!
Shoes *(OO)*YUKI_Cotton Candy shoes Gacha @Kustom9 NEW!
Hair ""D!va"" Hair "Ami2"(Moon stone)
Skin (*ANGELICA) MINA@ The Kawaii Project NEW!
Necklace :Moon Amore: SFM Gold (Neon Pink)@Kustom9 NEW!

My beautiful garden

Shoes .Atomic. {Footwear} Piper Flats  Collabor88 NEW!
Socks .Atomic. Whimsey Tights  Collabor88 NEW!
Hair Clawtooth: Up and Away (The Complete Collection) @Kustom9 NEW!
Skin Applier  Enfant---Barbie1_C1(TMP) @The Chapter Four NEW!
Lips Applier Enfant---Barbie Lips1~4_C1 @The Chapter Four NEW!
Eyes [ MUDSKIN ]_My @FamouStation

Second Spaces - Hannah outdoor lounge - green Collabor88 NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Voliere Greenhouse@ The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wooden Planter The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pots with Watering Can The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bags of Soil The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gardening Quote The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Container with Gardening Tools The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Box of Bulbs  The Liaison Collaborative NEW!